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Books available from the Grimsby Historical Society Archives.  Books may be ordered from the Grimsby Historical Society, P.O. Box 294, Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4G5, by e-mail  or by visiting the Grimsby Historical Society Archives at the corner of Adelaide and Ontario Streets, Grimsby, Ontario (905) 309-0796
Cheques or money orders should be made payable to Grimsby Historical Society. When sending a money order from outside of Canada, please be sure that it is an international money order.

Annals of the Forty - by R. Janet Powell. Soft cover. A history of Grimsby and West Lincoln 1783 - 1883 in ten volumes.
$10 each, $95 for the set of ten.
  1. The Coming of the Loyalists 1783 - 1787
  2. Fifty Years of Municipal Government 1790 - 1840
  3. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - A to B
  4. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - C to F
  5. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - G to K
  6. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - L to N
  7. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - N to R
  8. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - R to S
  9. Loyalist and Pioneer Families - T to Z
  10. Grimsby Settlement to Village 1816 - 1876

People and Places from Grimsby's Past by Dorothy Turcotte -  soft cover - $20

Legacy - the Nelles Story - Pioneers, Loyalists, Founding Families by Dorothy Turcotte - soft cover - $20

   also available - the Nelles crest - $10.00 plus postage

Gleanings from Grimsby by Dorothy Turcotte - soft cover $20

Greetings from Grimsby Park by Dorothy Turcotte - soft cover - $20

Engagement at the Forty (video) - $7.50


The streets of Grimsby A to W, published by Grimsby Archives in partnership with the Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee - $2

In the shadow of the escarpment by Paul L. Bingle - hard cover - $25

12 Historic Homes of Grimsby  by Catharine Bingle-Gonnsen -soft cover -  $15

Once upon a little town: a history of Grimsby 1876-1976 - hard cover - $10

Grimsby & district 1901: illustrated and descriptive souvenir of the fruit belt area - soft cover - $5

Life and times of Grimsby High School by Margaret Gibson - hard cover - $20


The life and work of Ruby Janet Powell by Jean Powell - soft cover - $5

Ride through the garden of Canada by William E. Blaine - history of the Hamilton, Grimsby and Beamsville Railway - soft cover - $5

Two hundred years at "The Forty"; the official history of Union Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 7, G.R.C., Grimsby, Ontario. Complied by Robert J. Brooks. 1999. $20

Bearing Witness. The tale of a people and their legacy. (An Immigrant's Story) by George Djuro Budimir - $20

Target: an account of my life as a R.C.A.F. World War II Lancaster Bomb Aimer by H. Lawrence Cosby - soft cover - $10

Vernon's 11th Annual Niagara District and Hamilton Classified Directory for the year 1901 to May, 1902 - $5

Stone from the mountain by William Rannie - $5

The lady and the manor by William Rannie - $5

Lincoln - the story of an Ontario town by William Rannie - $5

"Home" children from abroad and other stories about Lincoln by William Rannie - $5

Canadian whiskey: the product and the industry by William Rannie - $1


Also available at GrimsbyHistorical Society  Archives -beautiful tinted print after the original by Elizabeth Simcoe, May, 1793. View of Forty Mile Creek and Main Street West with saddle-bags preacher in foreground. 12"X16". Retouched by Grimsby's own Garth Dittrick. $10.00

No tax on books or print.

Postal and Handling extra

Photocopy (in house) 50 per page
Photocopy (by mail) 50 per page ($2 minimum)
Transcriptions (including postage) $2 per page (minimum $5)
Research $15 per hour (as time permits)

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